John Cunningham and son - BANGOR CHIMNEY SWEEP - Tel. 028 9145 9615

Chimney Sweeping 

Open fires and Stoves


Expect to pay about £40 depending how dirty or height of chimney.

excludes blockages/ birds nest removal.


DISCOUNTS may apply to regular or returning customers.


We are traditional sweeps -

Brush and Vac applies to all chimneys and flues swept by us.

Power Sweeping as and when we think it will help successful sweeping of your chimney/flue.


Industry approved equipment always used.


Sweep invoice/certificate on request or deemed necessary by us.

Sent by electronic mail or paper.


 Brush heads suitable for unlined and clay lined open fire chimneys
Eco spin brush heads suitable for flexible liners attached to stoves etc
Superflex sweeping rods suitable for flexible liners attached to stoves  

Power whip heads with power rods used for power sweeping lined chimneys and flues.

Numatic vacs ready for work. Please note that all chimneys and flues

must be swept with a brush or whip.

Vacs are only to help us do a tidy job and will not sweep your chimney!