John Cunningham and son - BANGOR CHIMNEY SWEEP - Tel. 028 9145 9615
26 year old James has been a partner in 'BANGOR CHIMNEY SWEEP' since 2009
After leaving school he had been working as an apprentice lead fitter, replacing old church roofs etc.
Due to recession ending the work, he decided to come and train with his dad as a Chimney Sweep.
James enjoys being a sweep as his working day is varied and has the freedom to decide his own working hours etc
James main hobby is short circuit motorcycle racing. He has raced since 10 year old. Starting on minimoto( winning the 2003 IMF Minimoto Championship)
and moving on to 125gp, then 600 supersport and currently 650 production twin, all in the MCUI Irish Championships.
James worked as apprentice to his dad for four years before getting his own van and equipment.
He is always learning as the chimney sweeping trade has changed so much in recent years with so many new types of appliances being installed such as Multi fuel stoves
and modern lining systems requiring completely different sweeping equipment than used previously.
He takes the same care and attention to detail that his dad has done over the 25 years that 'Bangor Chimney Sweep' has existed, and although James and his dad
would be the first to put their hands up if they don't know something, they always try their best for their customers if they can.

All ready for the 2014 Pro 600 supersport class James Cunningham 190
 125gp class at Aghadowey 2007 James Cunningham 91
James Cunningham 190 Production twin class racing at Kirkistown

  James Cunningham 91 2003 IMF Minimoto Championship winner
Racing at Bishopscourt James Cunningham 190

James Cunningham on his TAG Triumph 675 Supersport
2007 125gp class James Cunningham 91
600 Supersport cup at Bishopscourt 2013 James Cunningham 190